The Infinite Potential of Love

Too often we view love as weak, and with serious potential to hurt us.  But we forget how often our love for someone pushes us beyond our boundaries and we stand up and do things we had not thought possible.   Conditioned Views of Love I find that if we look deeply at our conditioned […]

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World Peace Starts with Me

World Peace Starts with Me By Tina Heathers   Many people are concerned with all the devastation they see around the world.  Between mass shootings, floods, fires, famine and poverty, people are getting bogged down with simple survival or the fear it creates. So, what can we do to help? Some people can travel to […]

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Master the Mind

Master the Mind We are what we think.  Science and spirituality are now agreeing on this one power idea that will change the way we live and play the game of life.  Our thoughts condition our reality and affect the outcomes in our lives.  If you are beginning to see the truth in these statements, […]

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