Mindfulness Spa Day

Join us for a Mindfulness Retreat Day in Waterloo Facilitated by Certified Meditation Instructor Tina Heathers Saturday May 27, 2017 @ 8:30am-4pm in Waterloo, Ontario   A Few of the Benefits of Mindfulness ►Significant improvements in your professional performance ►Increased emotional intelligence ►Reduced stress and anxiety ►Increased focus ►Improved communication ►Navigate stressful situations with ease, […]

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Master the Mind

Master the Mind We are what we think.  Science and spirituality are now agreeing on this one power idea that will change the way we live and play the game of life.  Our thoughts condition our reality and affect the outcomes in our lives.  If you are beginning to see the truth in these statements, […]

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Peak Performance Living

Peak Performance – Developing Maximum Personal Energy This workshop is designed to help you understand how the body’s energy gets depleted and what you can do to recharge yourself.  Drawing on the empowering information learned through mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal metaphysics you can practice the techniques that will transform the way you work and live your […]

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The Power of Self-Discovery

The True Power of Self-Discovery Most of the time when we are feeling weak and vulnerable, it is because we just don’t know who we are and how we fit into life.  We feel stressed and anxious because we are trying so hard to meet the expectations of others and fit in.  We look to […]

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Tantra – Entering the Formless “Remember, when you are deeply in love your mind ceases to be.  There is no past; only the present moment becomes everything. If you love someone, if you really love, his body is bound to disappear. In some moments of climax, of peak, the form will dissolve, and through the […]

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Quiet Your Mind and all is Well

I find that I can so easily get all wrapped up in my thoughts and how I want things to play out.  As each part of the day unfolds I am busily working away at something, heading in some direction. Pretty soon I have this feeling that there is so much to do and I […]

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The Garden of Eden

Return to Eden By Tina Heathers   Most religions have their own version of the creation story.  We all want to know where we came from and who we really are. The bible story of the Garden of Eden is known by many people.  But how many actually believe it is a literal truth?  Probably […]

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Just Stay Home

My goodness we have become crazy busy, highly efficient and very productive.  But are we happy being this busy?  Does it make us better people?  Just because we have gifts and abilities is there some rule of life that we have to use them all at every opportunity?  Aren’t you getting tired of the statement, “But […]

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Meditation Workshop

Insight Meditation Workshop Gain access to the hidden wisdom of your mind Learn to interpret the intuitive direction you receive during meditation to enhance your life experience. See how symbols can give you insight to your subconscious thinking Learn various ways meditation can awaken your creative mind

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