Chakra Readings

Angelis - Awakening of the ChakrasThe Chakras

The Chakras are energy centres located along the spine and up into the head, which connect and move our life force energy throughout our bodies.


An easy way to determine which chakras are blocked is to simply pay attention to which parts of your body get tight, or begin to hurt when you are overloaded and can’t process all the energy flowing through your subtle energy system.


The body will begin to feel uncomfortable as the energy of the chakras start to tighten and become blocked.  If the energy stays trapped the body will become more and more tense.  Over extended periods of time the body will break down in the areas where the energy has stopped flowing and this is what we call disease and illness.  The body can not rejuvenate and heal with its life force energy trapped.

Free the body’s energy, restore its self-healing mechanism and it will return to health and well being.


A Chakra reading will reveal where your life force energy is trapped and how to adjust it so that you can heal.  If you are unsure book a reading and we can help you discover what’s happening to your body and how to set it free.

Chakra Readings take about 60 minutes for the reading and the explanation, which  includes a written report to take home.


The description below, of the location of the Chakras and what issues of life they process,  may help you understand what is happening in your energy system.


Crown Chakra

This centre radiates the colour violet or white light.  It relates to our connection with the Divine, our spirituality and union with our Higher Self.


Third Eye

This Chakra is located between the eyebrows.  The third eye radiates deep blue boarding on purple.  The Chakra has control over seeing, not only in the physical sense but also in the mystical sense of seeing into higher planes; intuitive seeing, clairvoyance and other paranormal forms of knowing.  Your ability to see the bigger picture of life.


Throat Chakra

This Chakra extends from the base of the neck.  It is associated with the colour blue.  The throat Chakra controls a person’s ability to express him/herself fully and creatively.


Heart Chakra

It is located in the region of the heart.  The Heart Chakra is associated with compassion and healing.  It radiates a bright emerald green light.  The Heart Chakra is the source of light and love; not only of human love, but Divine love as well.   It relates to unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace and harmony.  It is considered the gateway to the soul.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Considered the seat of personality.  It is represented by the colour yellow.  It relates to our ability to relate to the world, to people, places, and things.  It also relates to our ability to connect, to make long term intimate relations, love of home and family, feelings of contentment and trust, most of our emotions are centered here.


Sacral Chakra

Through this Chakra a person experiences the deep feelings associated with their physical manifestation.  It is represented by the colour orange.  It is just above the genitals and regulates sexual energy.  It represents our personal power and passion for life.  It also is the seat of creativity through which a person experiences the childlike wonder and excitement of the universe.


Root Chakra

The root Chakra is located at the base of the spine in the area of the tailbone.  It glows with a fiery red colour.  It is associated with the earth and a person’s connection to the earth.  It relates to stability, security, courage and patience. It stores the experience of your primary relationships and family connections.

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