Divine Love CD

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This guided meditation CD is designed to increase our awareness of love.  Love is the wonderful creative energy that exists within each one of us.  Our ability to tap into it, feel it and share it determines the quality of our lives.    This CD will help awaken you to the hidden love within.

Track One:

This meditation gently opens your heart to an awareness of Divine Love.  It helps you to feel a wonderful, spiritual connection that will bring you peace and serenity.

Track Two:

In this guided visualization you will create a sacred space within your mind and heart.  This space will always be available to you when you need to feel loved.

Track Three:

This meditation provides you with an opportunity to sit silently in your sacred space and experience love.  You will be guided into the meditation and led out at the end.  The silent space in the middle is your opportunity to listen for personal messages and spiritual guidance.


“Meditation with Tina is always an enlightening & rejuvenating experience.  Her calm presence & gentle approach to meditation offers relaxation and insight. Guided by her wisdom & knowledge beginning meditators will feel immediately confident & successful.” 
Trish Scott, Guelph Ontario

  • Taking a course from Tina Heathers is an experience and education in itself. Her style is unique and entertaining, but more then that, she delivers!Alison Lobb, Clinton, Ontario
  • I have had the opportunity of experiencing Tina's guided meditations in both large conference settings and in small groups in her home.  Over a course of time I have learnt to relax and focus in a meditative state using her tapes and CD's.

    Bonnie Black, Dundalk Ontario
  • Tina Heathers offers much wisdom, great truth, and experienced guidance.  It could change your life!  Gloria Wilbee
  • Tina's meditation classes have helped me learn to reliably reduce stress. Her low-anxiety approach can give surprising insights that identify and help me remove those self-imposed roadblocks to better living."

    Doug Hocking, Exeter Ontario
  • "Tina's style of guided meditation is unpretentious and accessible to anyone.  I've been much more capable of slowing down and living in the moment since joining Tina's classes."

     Tricia B., Elmira Ontario