Do We Cage Our Hearts?

Posted By : Tina Heathers on June 14, 2015

Caged heart imageDo We Cage Our  Hearts?


The world seems so vast and complicated.  People, places, systems, doctrines, philosophies and the endless structures we built around what is right and what is wrong.  But I ask myself, what if all this is just a mind trap, designed to keep me so busy trying to figure everything out, that I just simply get lost?  Lost where?  Lost in the mind and away from my heart.


I have come to understand that real life force energy vibrates and thrives in my heart center. The more time I spend in my mind, the less love, power and creativity I experience.  When I think too much I also lose my ability to connect.  My thoughts and endless thinking keep me separated from others and in a state of analysis.  Love energy is acceptance, and seeks to unite us.  When I feel love, I feel safe, secure and that I have a place in the universe along with everyone else.


Perhaps it is all an elaborate trick. Have I caged my heart to follow my head?  After all, my mind is very smart and has so many great ideas.   I must look carefully to see what the mind has created for me to chase around and pursue.  What causes and important issues has the mind sent me to participate in?  I am beginning to think the mind may not be the superior being it proclaims to be. I have begun to question everything as I seek to understand why I am doing all this running around.  Does it make me feel important?  Does it somehow add perceived meaning to my life?  Who taught me that these causes were important and necessary?  You see, the more time I spend chasing problems around, the less time I will have to sit in my heart energy and the less time I will have to experience love.


Do you remember what it feels like to bask in the love, acceptance and joy that radiates from your heart center when you can sit quietly and open the cage?  I think I do, and thus I ask myself, what is it I do each day that keeps me from experiencing love, I think I should stop that.


What does it mean to build cities, roads, shopping malls, systems of political control and rules for society, if the participants walk through dull and uninspired, unable to love freely and vibrate with joy?


What have we really created but pretty cages to jail our hearts and souls?  A life lived without joy is a life trapped in the dungeons of the mind.  Oh we can be very busy building and sorting our dungeons but they are still dungeons – underground and away from the light.  Only by centering in the heart can we know true love.  Only by opening the heart energy and extending to enfold others in our love can we really know joy.  Only by radiating love and joy can we open the cage the mind has created for our hearts and expand our awareness to a full understanding of what we are doing here.  I think I will give up my self-righteous effort to change the world, design better systems, and my zealous attempt to right all the wrongs in the world.  I think I will simply try to find my heart center, vibrate it open, share it and awaken my expanded view of all that is…then I will know how to really live.


“Silence is the essence of the heart.  Become aware of the times when you are breathing in a shallow way and bring your awareness to your thoughts.  You will see that your mind is chattering.  None of these thoughts has depth or significance.  If you relax and breathe deeply, these thoughts will fly away like startled birds.  And then you will abide in the heart.”

Paul Ferrini – Silence of the Heart


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