Inner Peace Coaching

Are you looking for help with quieting a chattering mind?  Or perhaps releasing old emotional baggage that keeps surfacing and disturbing your happiness?


Inner Peace Coaching is helpful because you have someone to listen, and help you sort through the mind rubble that is distracting you from enjoying your life.  Sometimes we can’t find our way out of the mind maze on our own.  Inner Peace Coaching provides a safe and understanding environment to face and overcome mental and emotional mind clutter. Once you understand how to clear your mind and emotions, you will be free to experience a calm and peaceful state of being that allows joy and love to flow through your life.  Clarity of mind is the necessary condition to create and live the life you truly want,


If you would like some help discovering your Inner Peace , contact me today, I would love to help you find the deep levels of peace that I have discovered.


Inner Peace Coaching is done via phone or internet to allow you to receive assistance from the comfort of your own home.

For more information or to book a Inner Peace Coaching session contact Tina Heathers

  • “Tina has a vast knowledge of Universal Wisdom and is able to share it in ways that are non-threatening yet engaging, gentle yet firm, 'out-there' yet grounded.  One of the greatest paths to Universal Wisdom is the path of meditation.  Charting this path creatively, Tina has the ability to lead me into the fields of my imagination where lavish gifts are bestowed upon my soul. " 

    Susan Mcleod, Guelph ON
  • I have had the opportunity of experiencing Tina's guided meditations in both large conference settings and in small groups in her home.  Over a course of time I have learnt to relax and focus in a meditative state using her tapes and CD's.

    Bonnie Black, Dundalk Ontario
  • Tina's meditation classes have helped me learn to reliably reduce stress. Her low-anxiety approach can give surprising insights that identify and help me remove those self-imposed roadblocks to better living."

    Doug Hocking, Exeter Ontario
  • Taking a course from Tina Heathers is an experience and education in itself. Her style is unique and entertaining, but more then that, she delivers!Alison Lobb, Clinton, Ontario
  • Tina Heathers offers much wisdom, great truth, and experienced guidance.  It could change your life!  Gloria Wilbee