Just Stay Home

Posted By : Tina Heathers on August 15, 2014

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My goodness we have become crazy busy, highly efficient and very productive.  But are we happy being this busy?  Does it make us better people?  Just because we have gifts and abilities is there some rule of life that we have to use them all at every opportunity?  Aren’t you getting tired of the statement, “But you are so good at it, won’t you please do this role for us.?”  Almost seems that to develop new skills and abilities will create more obligations and therefore more activities for us to get wrapped up in.


But I say screw it.  Develop skills and abilities just because you can.  Learn everything you want to.  Be amazing at anything you do.  Why?  Just for fun.  And when people notice how talented you are and desperately feel the need to have you use your new found abilities to better their organizations and lives…just say no thanks, go home and enjoy yourself.



It seems people may be laying low, hiding their talent so they don’t get asked to help.  Perhaps they are just too busy and don’t want to add more work into their already overwhelming lives.  They should not need to hide.  I say shine your light, be bold and magnificent.  AND be courageous enough to just say no to more activities.  We need to cherish our lives, and live the way that brings us the most joy.  Stop feeling obligated to help just because you have the abilities.  Other people could learn and develop the abilities as well.  They just don’t.



So go have fun, or go hangout and do nothing.  There is something so freeing about the art of doing absolutely nothing.  Have you tried it lately?  Have you spend whole evenings and weekends with no commitments and just bummed around and did what ever you felt like?  I’m telling you, the art of emptiness is something we have long lost as a society.  I say we reclaim it and just stay home.


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