Open Your Mind

Posted By : Tina Heathers on July 28, 2013

Open your mind jpegYou may discover that one of the most limiting factors to your success is that you just cannot see any alternatives to the situation you are in. Your mind has been so conditioned that you truly believe you are stuck and must continue down this same path. The first step in transforming your life is to open your mind. You need to allow new possibilities to drift in, or to surface from within you. We have infinite potential to live in wonderful and inspiring ways….the problem is we just don`t believe it. It seems everyone around us is just content with life the way it is so we should be as well.


Only when we decide to break free of our limited mind set will we be able to get a new idea, a new vision for how we could live differently. Start by telling yourself every day that you have no idea who you really are and how you want to live your life. Daydream; allow possibilities to float through your mind. No need to analyze and critique them just practice possibility thinking.


The more free thinking you do the more possibilities can come to you. We have wisdom within us and  infinite possibilities  for our lives.  Allow new ideas  to take hold and create a sense of inspiration.  One idea will soon become strong and dominant and you will want to act on it.   Still allow all the other possibilities to continue to drift through your mind to keep new doors open as you put this particular idea into play.


If you live your life constantly acting out the new possibilities that take hold and ring true for you, you will discover you are living a passionate and fulfilling life.

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    Susan Mcleod, Guelph ON
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    Liz Fryer, Waterloo ON
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