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InfinIP advertisement for webite Potential Self Discovery Cards

Inspired by A Course in Miracles

The deck has 45 cards with artwork by Tina Heathers.   Each card has a commentary to explain the message and how to apply it to your life.  These cards are great to help you with healing and spiritual development.

45 card deck with commentary booklet: $35.00







meditation ebook cover by Tina Heathers

Meditation for Beginners – It’s Really This Simple.  Amazon eBook by Tina Heathers


Get Tina’s eBook on Amazon.com – Meditation for Beginners – It’s Really This simple!


Get Tina’s eBook on Amazon.ca – Meditation for Beginners – It’s Really This simple!





GuideChakra-CD-website-pic-150x125d Meditation CD’s

Freeing Your Chakras – Guided Meditation CD   This CD is designed to be very therapeutic and it will allow you to release built up stress from your system.  You will notice a difference in your state of mind immediately.                 Read more.

Order the CD for $20.00

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Divine Love – Guided Meditation CDDL-CD-pic-black2-150x119 This guided meditation CD is designed to increase our awareness of love.  Love is the wonderful creative energy that exists within each one of us.  Our ability to tap into it, feel it and share it determines the quality of our lives.    This CD will help awaken you to the hidden love within.                 Read more…

Order the CD for $20.00

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“Tina’s meditations have helped me learn to reliably reduce stress.

Her low-anxiety approach can give surprising insights that identify and help me remove those self-imposed roadblocks to better living.”  

Doug H., Exeter, Ontario

Inspiring T-Shirts

Tshirt imageGive the Gift of Love – Do you know someone who is going through a difficult time? Give a gift that reminds them that they are loved.

Wear the Gift of Love – When you wear this shirt and people see it, they will read, “you are Loved” and the message of Love will quietly settle into their minds and hearts.

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Spirit Art Collection by Tina Heathers

Click here to View the GallerySpirit Art Print by Tina Heathers

This is a collection of the artwork I have done over the years.  The images represent my search for spiritual connection.  The presence of Angels and spiritual guidance is comforting and keeps us looking for deeper meaning and understanding in our lives.

These angels and images of spirit speak to me of vast worlds of knowledge and insight that we can tap into whenever we need it.


The prints are digitally enhanced watercolour paintings.  The special effects I added to my paintings were done to give the images movement and life.  I wanted the art to feel as alive as the images were to me.



5×7     Signed print   $20.00

11×14  Limited Edition Signed Prints $75.00

16×20  Limited Edition Signed Prints $100.00



  • Tina Heathers offers much wisdom, great truth, and experienced guidance.  It could change your life!  Gloria Wilbee
  • “This wonderful workshop allowed me to step aside from my busy life and reflect on what was really important.  An experience to remember!”

    Barb Hacking
  • "Tina's style of guided meditation is unpretentious and accessible to anyone.  I've been much more capable of slowing down and living in the moment since joining Tina's classes."

     Tricia B., Elmira Ontario
  • “I have attended guided meditations, workshops and private sessions with Tina.  I have used Tina’s meditations (both in class and on her cd’s) to relax and also to search for answers I have from within.  She is an extremely intuitive teacher and guide.  Tina’s insights have challenged me to examine myself and my relationships with others.  Working with Tina has enabled me to broaden my view of my place in the universe and approach each day with a more positive attitude.”

    Liz Fryer, Waterloo ON
  • Thank you for your amazing insight.  You have a wonderful energy!Jill, Brantford, Ontario