Return to Eden

Posted By : Tina Heathers on February 6, 2013

Return to Eden banner smallWas there really a Garden of Eden?  It was said to have been a place of perfect peace where we lived with God, the Divine spirit and creator.  In the Garden we supposedly knew no pain and lived in simplicity and grace.  What really happened to that garden and why did we leave?  Were we really booted out for eating an apple?


Our nature is such that we must know for our selves.  We are not content to know of possibilities, we want experiences.  So apparently we chose to understand good and evil for ourselves.  We ate from the tree of knowledge because of our desire to explore beyond the garden.  We wanted to walk through some choices that were not good for us, even deliberately painful.  Why?  Because we long for experience.


Thus we set off to know and understand what was beyond the peace we had eternally lived in. We invited the worst of the worst to see what it could really be like.  We wanted the opposite of what we knew.  And thus we have created a world where everything is possible and pain and suffering are felt by all…because we asked for it.


But what if….

What if we never actually left?  What if we just let our mind wander, wondering what it would be like?  What if we just felt guilty for eating from the tree of knowledge and wondered what it would be like outside of our perfect garden of peace and serenity?  What if this became the era of questioning?  What if we started to daydream about the possibilities?


…the Bible says that a deep sleep fell upon Adam, and nowhere is there reference to his waking up.”  A Course in Miracles


Perhaps the Garden of Eden is a metaphor.  It describes a state of being.  Perhaps it is a place we can return to at any time.  It is our home.


We can know pain and sorrow.  We can know crisis.  They are exciting and make us feel alive.  We can also know peace, serenity and joy.  It seems as though we have chosen pain and fear for so long that most of us have forgotten the way home.


Healing and a return to the state of Eden is only a breath away.  You lived in it for eternity and it seems you just don’t remember.


When you breathe very slowly and deeply, and still all the questions in your mind you will find home.  There is this familiar feeling, a peace that settles in.  Then it comes,… this state of calm and a feeling that everything is all right.  You begin to remember that it was all just an experiment.  You begin to have this familiar feeling, that reminds you of  where you really belong.


The more time you spend in the calm and silence the more you remember the truth of your time in the mystical place called Eden.  Then you decide how much time you will spend at Home in Eden and how much of your time will be spent playing the game of life, of good and evil, of seeking and achieving.


But the game loses its power over you as you realize it is not real.  The more you know of Home, of Eden,  the less you are distracted by the games of life.  Life here begins to be less satisfying when you have awakened a deep truth of peace and serenity.


I would like to encourage you my friends to return to Eden, even just for a visit.  Remember who you are.  Get out of the game, the experimenting with pain and suffering, loss and guilt.  It is not necessary.  You have gotten lost in your quest for knowledge and experience.


Return to that State of being called Eden and we shall all live together in harmony and peace and all will be forgiven.

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