The Power of Self-Discovery

Posted By : Tina Heathers on April 11, 2015

Tina Heathers ArtworkThe True Power of Self-Discovery

Most of the time when we are feeling weak and vulnerable, it is because we just don’t know who we are and how we fit into life.  We feel stressed and anxious because we are trying so hard to meet the expectations of others and fit in.  We look to the world around us, we watch how others behave and try to emulate their actions and beliefs.


But this is crap!  We feel weak because we are living a fake life.  Our full energy is not in the game.  We just try to use our mind to match what we see and think is expected of us.


Real power comes from living each day, body, mind and spirit, all in, fully engaged, and experiencing ourselves as we explore life.  We don’t give a crap about fitting in, we are souls on fire, experiencing, living, learning, even getting bounced around unpleasantly as we learn though mistakes.  But we don’t care, we play we laugh and we share with others.


What a fun ride it could all be.  The unfortunate part is that most people will never experience this kind of life.  They are too busy restricting their energy waiting to see how they think others want them to live.  We have been tricked by society, into believing that security, safety and acceptance resides in learning to play by the rules and please others.  But ha ha, that’s the joke, this only leads to trapped lives.


But how do we find this inner truth that will set us free?  How do we know how to play all in, body mind and spirit?


It all starts with self-discovery.  Ask yourself, Who am I?  What did I come here to learn?  What do I already know to be true for me?  Who are my true playmates, the ones that can engage me, challenge me, motivate me and share my joy? Who can play at the same level as me and will love the journey with me?


The family and friends that you came into the game with may not be the playmates that help open you to your true power, they may be the tricksters that are trying to keep you trapped.


Either way, the journey to self-discovery is the way to open to power, passion and playmates.  Don’t wait for permission, start reinventing your life today.  Start the journey inward to find the keys to unlock the doors to your soul and show you the roadmap to blissful living and your true power.


If you get lost and need help consider some guided self-discovery coaching.


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