The White Witch

Posted By : Tina Heathers on March 5, 2015

White Witch art by Tina HeathersThe Original White Witch

Do you find yourself drawn to using herbs and natural healing instead of always turning to the medical?  Do you feel the life force in crystals, rocks, plants and trees?  Do you love time alone to feel the sun on your face and the breeze against your skin?  Does the silence call to you, so you can listen to the unseen voices of the cosmos?


If you can relate to any of these experiences perhaps you have some witchy connections in your ancestry.  The original, organic witches were not a religious organization, but rather those that felt the call of a certain way of life.  They learned about herbs and the power of the earth from mothers and grandmothers and became connected to the energy of all living beings.  Their extra awareness and perception of the life forces in and around people gave them an understanding that helped people heal and rebalance their lives.


They did not see themselves as special or as part of some cult, group or religious organization, they just experienced a connection with nature and energy that transformed the way they lived.  Building an organizational structure with rules and doctrines would be the farthest thing from their truth.


They worked to discover deeper and more intimate connections with life and nature.  It was how they lived and the calling they experienced.  The fact that some began to group together in times of fear and persecution allowed them to become labelled and defined.  But this was never the original goal, the original white witches lived by a calling to connect and dance with the energy of the universe, to confront the essential and elemental resonance of life.


Their existence was defined by their inner guidance system.  Intuition and the energy of earth and spirit became their teachers.


They lived in the now.  By embracing each day fully, they were able to look for and experience the rich depth of life by confronting everything that was present in each moment.


Love was the central theme. They understood self-love and their interconnectedness with all that existed.  They knew that when they truly loved themselves, loving those around them was easy.  If they could not find the love within, they would never know how to share love fully with others.


Learning and study was central to their day.  They knew to pay attention to what was going on in their lives as all the lessons they needed would happen in each and every moment.  They sought to connect and master their mental and emotional skills and the environments they lived in.


Joy became the way to master energy. Without the presence of joy they would not encounter the higher vibrational energy of life.  Crafting and shaping life took energy and intent, and only the vibrations of love and joy could create the finest results.


In general these women were uninterested in structure and rules and did not really understand the need to build, attain and accomplish things in society.  They were called to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with all that is.  Seeking a unity with the cosmos and gentleness with all beings.  Their freedom and grace left them often misunderstood by those who sought to control and shape society.  Thus they tended to keep to themselves and live independently.


They carry on even today in the quiet reaches of society.  Although many have been manipulated in their early years to conform and fit into society, they will always sense that something isn’t right, that they are living contrary to their inner calling.  There are so many discontent women in our society, and for many it is their witchy roots that will not let them totally fit in.  But we are becoming free, the quickening of our white witch heritage is stirring and we are refusing to live as others expect us to.  We are boldly awakening to our intuitive wisdom.


I know you are out there.  Kindred spirits that are uncomfortable with the acceptable path of society.  Be free, be brave and return to your center of power.  You will once again merge with the energy of the cosmos and dance with the flow of joy in life.  Today can be the start of your return to yourself.



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