Life Purpose

Posted By : Tina Heathers on May 8, 2014

My thoughts about my purpose in the world:


I have been asked this question many times, “How do I find my purpose, how do I discover my special function in the world?”

I also ask myself this same question on a regular basis.  I work to remind myself of what I have come to believe about my life purpose.


I used to always seek divine guidance for what would be the best use of my gifts in this world.  But I have learned that the question implies that the world needs my help.  This comes from a deep anchor in Christianity and trying to do what God would have me do.  The Course in Miracles has helped me to see that everything I do is about helping myself to learn.  This is not a messed up world that God needs me to rescue.  The course would teach us that we are all just playing with a massive illusion in our minds and that all is well in the eyes of God. (or whatever the big ‘power that is’ likes to be called)


So if I teach healing it is because I need to understand and learn healing, there really isn’t anyone else to teach and heal.

If I teach business because I find that an interesting game to make money…so what.  If I feel that I must teach entrepreneurship to help other business owners make money because they are so uneducated and needy, then I am flying along a lovely path down EGO lane.

Everything we do through our daily life is a path we have chosen to learn something we want to learn.  It is sobering to realize that there is no real and authentic purpose to what we do, that we are not indeed saving anyone or being the great influencer that our EGO wants us to believe we are.


It is humbling to realize that we each need to learn and thus we craft life situations to teach ourselves.  We bring it all on ourselves.

The stumbling block for me is always…ok if I don’t need to heal and help others…what the heck do I do next?  It is so deeply ingrained this path of the helper, I just can’t see beyond the veil.  But I am working on it.

What if we all could just chose the path that was the most fun and that will create the financial exchange to let us get whatever we want and need? Wouldn’t that just be more interesting?


I believe the purpose of life is to prove to ourselves that it is all an illusion and we can craft it anyway we want.  I think we need to master the illusion before it will ever release us, or before we finally stop playing with it because we now see through it.

Perhaps our special function is only what we believe it is, thus we live that function for a while so we can learn that in truth…it is NOT who we are.  Thus we continue to create new life purpose for ourselves as we walk through all the life lessons we feel we need to understand.


I have come to the conclusion that I have no purpose in this life, and it is very freeing!

  • Thank you for your amazing insight.  You have a wonderful energy!Jill, Brantford, Ontario
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