Mental and Emotional Imprinting Workshop

Posted By : Tina Heathers on May 8, 2014

The Hidden Factors that Affect our Everyday Interactions

Join us for a Workshop on

Mental and Emotional Imprinting


Meet Tina Heathers and see how learning to identify and clear your subconscious imprinting can provide you with more energy and clarity of mind.


About Tina Heathers: 

Tina facilitates programs for spiritual, personal, & small business development. Her personal fascination with human potential has driven her to research and study many aspects of human behavior and the powers of the mind.


She integrates the potential of body, mind, and spirit into her programs and private consulting to help empower people to move forward in their lives.


All her programs are designed to analyze and enhance personal effectiveness and explore what it takes to access the deeper levels of human potential.


An entrepreneur since her mid-twenties when she owned and operated 4 retail stores, Tina now specializes in the spirit of entrepreneurship and what it takes to create small business success. In addition to her corporate management and training background, Tina has an MBA, a degree in Metaphysics and is a Reiki Master, teaching and working in the field of natural healing and spiritual awareness.

  •  “Meditation with Tina is always an enlightening & rejuvenating experience.  Her calm presence & gentle approach to meditation offers relaxation and insight.  Guided by her wisdom & knowledge beginning mediators will feel immediately confident & successful; experienced mediators gain access to deeper levels of knowing. "

    Trish Scott, Guelph, ON, Canada
  • Taking a course from Tina Heathers is an experience and education in itself. Her style is unique and entertaining, but more then that, she delivers!Alison Lobb, Clinton, Ontario
  • “This wonderful workshop allowed me to step aside from my busy life and reflect on what was really important.  An experience to remember!”

    Barb Hacking
  • I have had the opportunity of experiencing Tina's guided meditations in both large conference settings and in small groups in her home.  Over a course of time I have learnt to relax and focus in a meditative state using her tapes and CD's.

    Bonnie Black, Dundalk Ontario
  • Tina's meditation classes have helped me learn to reliably reduce stress. Her low-anxiety approach can give surprising insights that identify and help me remove those self-imposed roadblocks to better living."

    Doug Hocking, Exeter Ontario