Only Love is Real

Posted By : Tina Heathers on November 15, 2016

only-love-is-realA Course in Miracles is based upon this theme, ‘Only Love is Real’.  It is a different concept than we are used to considering.  We are all comfortable with how important Love is and we understand that the quality of our life is usually better when we give and receive Love.  But this…’Only Love is Real’ is quite weird.  It implies that everything else we experience is an illusion of the mind.  It suggests that the general scuttlebutt of living and working and doing life is a sleepy nonsense that we partake in to amuse ourselves.   The Course in Miracles implies that only love and loving experiences are real, lasting and meaningful.  Could it be that love and love alone is worth our effort?  Are we deluding ourselves endlessly with meaningless games and pursuits spurred on by a silly mind that can not see truth where it lives?


In the end of days when we sit through our final life review, is it only love that we count?  Is love the only measure by which we are judged, or rather by which we judge ourselves?  I wonder if we knew the final marking scheme would we make different choices?


True or not, it seems a fine philosophy to live by.  I cant imagine that if you made this your life long motto that you would have any kind of diminished quality of life.  I rather like it myself!


So let us try.  ‘Only Love is Real’, so let’s stop wasting our time with illusions and trivial games of posturing, meanness, jealously and all that other demeaning stuff.  Let us see what the quality of our lives will look like as we seek to understand the statement, ‘Only Love is Real.

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