Tantra, A Path to Love

Posted By : Tina Heathers on June 10, 2013

Tantra is a wonderful spiritual path that is focused on enhancing the state of love.  It will transform your life.

Although couples are more than welcome to come,this workshop is for everyone with or without a partner!!


The Workshop discusses:

Tantra is a beautiful spiritual path that frees us to explore the deepest realms within ourselves.

It is a path of love, of surrender and acceptance. Once we are no longer fighting the current of life we can relax and fall deeper into experiences and see the real meaning in our lives.

Sexual energy is the energy of life. It is through this energy that we are created and it through this energy that we experience the Divine.

Tantra says stop thinking, planning and fussing. Focus on love, joy and the deepest connections we can create with another human being. Relax and let go, trust and move beyond yourself into the realm of spiritual love and transformation.

In this workshop, we will explore the following concepts that will allow you to begin the tantric path and awaken to the flow of Spirit and of Love:

  • Meditation and getting quiet
  • Releasing the world
  • Finding the love within
  • Love, adoration and the Beloved
  • Sex as the ultimate sharing and unity
  • Seeking the Divine through another
  • Supernova and cosmic sex
  • Tina's meditation classes have helped me learn to reliably reduce stress. Her low-anxiety approach can give surprising insights that identify and help me remove those self-imposed roadblocks to better living."

    Doug Hocking, Exeter Ontario
  • Taking a course from Tina Heathers is an experience and education in itself. Her style is unique and entertaining, but more then that, she delivers!Alison Lobb, Clinton, Ontario
  • “This wonderful workshop allowed me to step aside from my busy life and reflect on what was really important.  An experience to remember!”

    Barb Hacking
  •  “Meditation with Tina is always an enlightening & rejuvenating experience.  Her calm presence & gentle approach to meditation offers relaxation and insight.  Guided by her wisdom & knowledge beginning mediators will feel immediately confident & successful; experienced mediators gain access to deeper levels of knowing. "

    Trish Scott, Guelph, ON, Canada
  • Tina Heathers offers much wisdom, great truth, and experienced guidance.  It could change your life!  Gloria Wilbee