Reawakening of the Goddess

Posted By : Tina Heathers on March 3, 2015

Reawakening of the Goddess, can’t you feel it?

The Divine Feminine is awake and alive in all women.Goddess Art by Tina Heathers

Inside every one of us resides the Goddess.  Where has she been all these years?  Quietly awaiting the time when our society was ready to explore the divine feminine once again.  Years and generations ago, the divine feminine was worshiped.  Women were revered and valued.  A time of change came and the energy shifted to male dominance.  The religions lead and empowered by men, sought ways to force the worship of the goddess and the divine feminine underground.  Male dominated religions began to take hold and the world tipped in its understanding, and a great imbalance set in.


But the world is tipping again, women are starting to find their inner strength and emerge from their hiding. Women have been awakening in business and leadership positions for quite a while now, but in a forceful way, trying to right the imbalance and meet men on their own terms.  There has been an aggressive push to establish equality.  This may have been necessary, but it’s time to shift to a more balanced point.


It is time for the reawakening of the goddess.  Women who have embraced their inner goddess do not feel the need to push or meet men on their terms.  They are not strong forceful leaders.  They lead with grace and beauty.  They love and show compassion, while at the same time understanding that people need to be accountable for their choices.  No judgement, but a natural unfolding of cause and effect.  The goddess understands human development and that learning happens at all levels.  These women lead with strength, but a strength that comes from self-assurance and a desire to heal the world.


The goddess is within all of us just waiting to be revealed.  The global significance of the re-balancing of the world that will come when more women embrace their inner goddess is significant.


When a woman can feel and experience her Goddess energy she is extremely loving and nurturing, and empowering.  She is tender and compassionate.  Women need to step up, to express from their Goddess energy, not their frustrated repressed energy.  Men don’t hold us down, we allow ourselves to be restrained.  We have passively accepted a lower position in society, why I am not sure, but I can feel the shift, can’t you?  Times are changing and she is awakening, and women are awakening.  The power of love is flowing everywhere and women shall show up in the forefront of the movement. It is happening and can’t be stopped.  As a women you are called to shake off the previously accepted repression, and the frustration from the caves of inferiority.  Stand up and love.  There is nothing to fight and endless opportunities to love.  Find your inner Goddess and let her out.

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